As the waters rage… a poem

As the waters rage in the deep seas
so my heart beats to please, for you first loved us so we can better see,
that loving you is the only key, like fish swimming in your loving embrace,
only through your son Jesus we now know utter and complete grace.

We make your word our daily meal to seek the day you break the final seal.
Stronger & stronger we grow in spirit so now we know the promise of what we will inherit.
Guide us O Lord in all your teachings that we share your truth with others in daily preachings.
For you O Lord we will be the salt no matter the cost its you we exalt.

Blessed be your name O Lord forever and ever, that in you we conquer each endeavor.
Spirit of life give us all you are for we know the end is not very far.
Light the world with fire of love for those to see in Jesus above.

A poem by Faith on Rocks

Faith on Rocks has a goal share the gospel to as many people as possible around the world. Learn more about Faith on Rocks >>


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  1. Rajini
    May 7, 2019

    very soulful…heart warming…feeling blessed to have read this…thank you very mch…May the Lord always give you protection!


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