What Happens When We Don’t See God Do What We Hope

I believe that it is the power of God’s Love which truly transforms and changes our world to be more like His Kingdom. As John 3:16 says, it was “For God so loved the world the He sent His Son…” and Jesus, His Son, is the Light that our world – and each one of us – needs. It is from the place of God’s Love that we have salvation, healing and true flourishing of life through Jesus.

My hope is to carry His Love to all His creation. Sometimes in ministering to others, we might try to seek to see a certain result that we want to see. We might want to see someone healed or someone have a radical encounter with Holy Spirit. But a question I’ve been thinking about lately is what happens when we don’t see something outwardly powerful occur? What happens when someone doesn’t get healed? What happens if someone doesn’t choose to give their life to Jesus right in the moment we might wish they would?

For some, even asking such questions might be viewed as not having enough faith, because our belief and expectation is always that God’s will is to heal and save, which certainly is true. Yet I propose that it is in those times when we don’t see what we believe and hope will happen, that we are actually invited into the gift of increased faith. Do we still believe that God is Good? Do we still believe that God is Love? Are we still showing others God’s Love and how much they are valued by not only God, but by ourselves?

People are not objects of ministry, to be viewed as something to save or something to heal. Others, like ourselves, all need to feel known, cared about and loved. No matter what happens, we can always experience for ourselves, and show God’s Love to all people.


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  1. James
    April 10, 2019

    Wonderful post. You know, it reminds me of the story of Jesus partially healing a man and asking what can he see? Even only with partial site returned to him, he was still grateful to have sight. And the cool thing about this story, my pastor mentioned a fine detail to this story I never noticed. The story mentions he’s blind, but when partial sight is returned he says people are moving as of trees. I always assumed the man was blind from birth, but when you focus on the details it’s not true. He wasn’t always blind, but now he truly can see.

    It’s much like our faith. We saw the truth, but got so wrapped up in our problems that we were blinded to it. Then Jesus comes along and restores our sight of His promise to us. We weren’t always blind to the truth, but we now we can see again.


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